IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

                                 IC3 Digital Literacy Certification



Program Description:

This program is designed to illustrate what it means to be digitally literate, and to demonstrate what can be accomplished using a computer. The participant will progress to using popular software application programs to process typical documents found in a business or school environment. Participants are also introduced to what the internet is and what makes it so popular for communicating and sharing information with others.

This program is a composite of three different modules targeting specific sill sets:

 *Computing Fundamentals

           *Key Applications

           *Living Online


Target Group:

This program is targeted towards people who are new to computers or who have had limited exposure to a computer prior to taking this program.



·         Operating Systems

·         Hardware 

·         Networks and Mobile Devices 

·         File Management 

·         Software 

·         Cloud Computing

·         Security and Maintenance

·         Apps and Applications

·         Using Microsoft Word

·         Using Microsoft Excel   

·         Database Concepts   

·         Using Microsoft PowerPoint 

·         Looking at the Internet   

·         Managing Media Literacy   

·         Digital Communication  

·         Understanding Email, Contacts, and Calendaring   

·         Your Life Online   


120 Training Hours


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